Run Automatic Strategies on your Investment Account

Always buy and sell at the right moments and react to the market situation in a flash - wherever you are and whatever you do. Choose the strategies that best suit your trading style, save your precious time and don't let emotions prevail over logic.

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Why use automatic strategies?

Automatic strategies in an orderly manner, without emotions, control price changes on the market. Thanks to this, they are able to execute the transaction in the planned manner, control it 24 hours a day and close it at the right time.

You'll be able to react to market changes and take advantage of the best prices without having to track charts all the time - strategies work all the time, even if your browser and computer are off.

How does it work?

Our analysts have created for you sets of algorithms that you can use in different markets and in different situations.

After clicking the 'run' button, it will ask you to enter parameters and strategy will open in the Exeria platform. There, just click the play ('>') button - from this moment until you stop the strategy, our servers, based on current data, will perform buy and sell transactions.

How to use the service?

To run the automatic strategy, you must register on the Exeria platform and have an investment account with one of the brokers we support, at which we offer the service (City Index or TradeTech Alpha).

We do not charge you any fees, we only use the fact that you create an account with one of our partners.

How to choose the right strategy?

We have examined the most important parameters of selected strategies for you: generated profit and frequency of transactions (Pay attention to the period for which the above features were examined - the less often the strategy performs transactions, the longer the period of operation we consider). Our analysts also suggest on what instruments a given strategy should work best.

Based on these parameters and your personal preferences, you can choose the algorithm that best suits your investment style.

Can I adapt the strategy to my needs?

Yes, after opening the strategy in the Exeria platform, you can set any stop loss and take profit, maximum position, instrument on which the strategy is to operate, and many other parameters. You can also configure manual confirmation for each transaction.

You can also edit any strategy freely by changing the parameters of the indicators on which it is based, and then check what result it obtained by running it in the strategy tester on the Exeria platform.

Find out more about creating and configuring your own strategies.

How the profit of the strategy is calculated?

The profit of most strategies is calculated using the strategy tester available on Exeria platform. It generates hypothetical signals based on historical data for an sample instrument. In Exeria, you can upload additional data and check the results over a longer time horizon.

We test the strategies that generate signals during the candle's duration by running them on a real account, therefore periods for which profit data is available may be shorter than for other strategies and it is not possible to test them.

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