Information platform for importers and exporters

Available for $300 / month

We have been dealing with currencies since 2002 and have been advising entrepreneurs on how to manage price risk for many years. Exeria for importers and exporters is a unique technology that facilitates the choice of the moment of currency purchase, price negotiations and forecasting rates in the future. Exeria is the winner of the prestigious Benzinga Fintech Awards in the "Finding Alpha" category in New York.

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What will you get?

  • A decision model that makes it easier to choose when to buy or sell a currency. Thanks to the model, it is possible to conclude transactions with a price 0.6% - 1% better than the average market price. For currency transactions worth EUR 10 million a year, this means savings of EUR 60,000.
  • A forecast model for the range of future price changes that will allow you to determine your future price in the budget, pricing policy, tender or company forecasts.
  • Calculator of current and historical forward rates.
  • Access to current prices of currencies, commodities and indices that will facilitate your negotiation of currency exchange.
  • Price charts with a very long range of data to check historical prices and perform statistical and technical analysis.
  • Access to ongoing analyzes, assessments and forecasts of experts in the field of currencies and commodities

Available anywhere

Exeria is available through a browser from any computer, tablet or smartphone. Price control and operation of the decision model takes place in a cloud computing, thanks to which we have access to information about the state of the market and the notification system from anywhere 24 hours a day. The decision and forecasting model is based on knowledge of statistics and Value at risk methods used in major banks and enterprises for over 30 years. Today, thanks to modern technologies, we offer you the opportunity to use this knowledge in practice and generate savings on currency exchange, controlling their prices and forecasting rates.

Why you should get it?

We are pleased to demonstrate to you how Exeria works, share accurate statistics on our decision models and provide a weekly trial period. Top five reasons why entrepreneurs use Exeria:

  1. Savings on currency exchange
  2. Saving time and stress, which so far has accompanied the control of prices and choosing the moment of the transaction
  3. Access to expert knowledge and market information
  4. Access to current and historical prices of hundreds of currencies and commodities with charts
  5. A unique price forecasting tool enabling the adoption of realistic assumptions in the company's offer or budget