Desktop, Web and Mobile

each major market supported

Exeria works on any device with web browser following the "continuity" philosophy. Start working on desktop and finish it on tablet or mobile phone. No matter what device you pick. Exeria will give you seamless experience on each one.

Fully featured Charting Engine

Exeria provides most powerful and fastest Charting Engine on the market.
  • Watch multiple instruments on chart
  • Place indicators and data on different panels
  • Use features and strategies to create your own indicators and signals
  • Test different investment ideas by checking their effectiveness and capital lines

Advanced power that is easy to use

We provide technology that allows you to use your data.

Exeria is easy to use. It allows you to analyze markets, place orders, view charts and quotes in an extremely convenient manner. It also connects investors, novices, professional traders, advisers, and brokers so you can create and expand your own community of customers.